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The doctors involved suffered from "newcomer syndrome", they had no training in the administration of the highly toxic drug and their errors of judgment resulted in the teenager's death, the report said.

Well that’s the practical stuff, so if you add three large glasses of wine, a vodka and diet coke, my friend Emma and a host called Jamie (who seemed determined to make it as obvious as possible that I was attending the event for my job), then you've pretty much got my experience of speed dating!An independent inquiry into the incident concluded that the death of Wayne Jowett, who was on remission from leukaemia, was caused by a "complex amalgam of human, organisational, technical and social interactions".Wayne, an apprentice mechanic, underwent emergency surgery after the mistake at Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham in January but died almost a month later from a creeping paralysis that eventually stopped his heart.For medieval and earlier measurements, researchers should consult specialist works.Imperial measurements were derived from the measurements used by the Romans.

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