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Local families won't walk on the beach any more because of the number of naked and semi-naked tourists, a phenomenon which he thinks is encouraging some Muslim youths to drink alcohol and sell themselves for casual sexual encounters. Thankfully, he says, Djerbans are traditionally tolerant.

'I think this is the only place where you find Jewish and Moslems living together.' Peacefully, he must mean. I think 586 before Christ it was built.' Many of the Djerban Jews have gone to France, often running corner shops known simply as 'le djerbain', but many come back to marry. 'I take my car to a Jewish man, I buy my jewellery from a Jew, a number of my neighbours are Jewish and I'm a Hajan practising Islam, and there's no problem with it.' On our way back, between the outskirts of Houmt Souk and the first hotel, there is a surprisingly tranquil stretch of national park.

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, tells the story of an aimless young man who defies the convention of his arranged marriage to pursue an illegitimate romance with an older, free-spirited woman.

Squint your eyes slightly and it's easy to imagine that you've been transported back to the times when the Roman city of Thysdrus, where El Jem was built in the 3rd century, rivalled Sousse as the second city of Roman North Africa, after the metropolis that was Carthage.

And the whole of Tunisia itself can only be described as a "gem"; a warm, light-hearted, easy-going, culture-sodden and sun-drenched heaven that lies only a few hours from Dublin Airport.

Lying at the 'crossroads' for north-south movements between the Sahara and the Mediterranean, Tunisia is one of the world's key regions for under early human travels.

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The researchers believe the findings suggest that the Chotts megalake may have formed an early corridor for the dispersal of humans.

The regions that were at the centre of the revolution, because they were under-developed, are even worse off now.

But in regards to cinema, there has only been progress.

Researchers from Oxford University and Kings College London discovered the bones and tools on the margins of the dried up Chotts megalake.

They believe the shores of the lake may have formed an early corridor across the Sahara for the dispersal of Homo sapiens and other animals from Sub-Saharan Africa between 200,000 to 10,000 years ago.

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