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Also, due to the rating system, it is often used for cyber-bullying, because a group of kids can target another kid and purposefully make his/her rating go down. Snapchat: This app allows a user to send photos and videos to anyone on his/her friend list.The sender can determine how long the receiver can view the image and then the image “destructs” after the allotted time.The offence is committed by communication so no physical contact needs to occur for police to be involved.Online sex offenders may pretend to be someone your age, but are often upfront with the fact that they are an adult.Problem: It is the #1 app used for sexting, mostly because people think it is the safer way to sext.However, the “snaps” can easily be recovered and the receiver can take a screen shot and share it with others.If a stranger befriends you online or through social messaging applications such as We Chat and talks you into buying them purchase/gift cards (e.g.Alipay Purchase Cards, i Tunes) in exchange for a meet-up, date or the promise of sexual favours, this is likely a Credit-for-Sex scam.

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There are also thousands of comments on the pornographic images from fellow users urging one another to add more and more raunchy photos or inviting them on to other social networking sites to message privately.UPDATE: Get the 2015 Dangerous Apps List You may be thinking your kids are downloading apps because they are just a simple way for them to keep in contact with their friends.This is certainly true for most kids, but unfortunately, even innocent use of most of these apps can land a kid in a situation he/she never intended to be in.Research has identified the following young people who are at high risk of being groomed online: Many offenders are very good at manipulating young people and may be inappropriately communicating with many young people at the same time. The rise of apps with direct message or ‘chat’ functions mean that anyone, anywhere can start up a conversation.Many apps don’t require identification to sign in so people can use fake names or ages to start an account - you never really know who you are talking to.

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