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I could do nothing but weep for weeks when doctors finally told me in April 2012 that my increasingly awkward gait was due to the disease I had dreaded — and I realised how badly my body would continue to betray me.

Only the promise of Luca’s arrival that September pulled me through — and I began writing a series of books to help fellow sufferers explain the condition to their grandchildren, which reflected my determination not to let this disease rob me of the supergran role I’d longed to play.

The instant messaging app has already shaken things up with gif search and secret basketball games, but now it hopes to excite users with a new video chat feature.

It’s not the first time Facebook has offered video chat.

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Any long-distance grandparent will understand the pain of having to love their littlest ones from far away — for me, the 4,127 miles (to be precise) between Bristol and Mwanza, Tanzania, where Luca lives, may as well be a million.

This could be helpful in circumstances where you want to describe something, like a new outfit you’re thinking of buying or how cute your dog is when it snores.

Or if you want to see the person you’re chatting too, but not enough to see their face fill your phone in glorious technicolour the whole time.

Since 2015, people have been able to talk in a similar way to Apple’s Face Time.

The new addition is that people can now chat face to face while sending traditional written messages at the same time, as the video will be confined to a small corner.

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