Advice on dating a person with a disability

Have confidence with your partner – you have to understand that disability is not inability and the disable can still do what other normal people can do.

This should give the confidence that need whenever you are dating. Honesty –just like a normal dating the culture of honesty should help you enhance your relationship with a disable person.

However, this uncertainty around dating and relationships can often be heightened for people with disabilities. If it is an invisible or not obviously-apparent disability, when should it be disclosed?

Is it required to even share information about a disability at all, or is that more of a third date conversation?

Getting out and experiencing the world and the abundance it has to offer is wonderful, but the 21st century has also many virtual advantages that can be used to enter the disabled dating world, without getting out of the house and risking the dangers of the cruel streets.

I am talking about the Internet disabled dating, or more specifically: online disabled dating services or disabled dating websites.

Almost everyone knows the feeling of uncertainty, fear, and excitement triggered by the chance to spend time or go on a date with someone you are interested in.

The heart-pounding when you see your crush walk by, pre-date jitters when picking out an outfit – these are not unfamiliar feelings.

Regardless of disability, starting a relationship when you feel rubbish about yourself may not be the best way forward.

And while the wheelchair is enough of a dating hurdle in itself, I only weight 55 lbs., so while I think I'm a hottie, I am not the typical image of beauty and rank very low on the sex appeal scale for most people.

My romantic experiences are limited to drunken college parties and three awkward OKCupid dates.

still capable of going on an average date, still able to have sex, etc.

While these are important aspects around breaking stereotypes about people with disabilities, Morrison-Gurza makes the point that it is just as important, if not more so, to consider the thoughts, fears, feelings, and uncertainties of people with disabilities in regards to dating and relationships.

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